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Past Winners


First place: Christopher Lynch for his paper ‘The teaching of implant dentistry in undergraduate dental schools in the UK and Ireland’ which was published in the British Dental Journal.

Second place: Leila Khamashta Ledezma for her article ‘Be alert to the signs! Non-accidental injuries and the dental team’ which was published in Team in Practice.


First place: Dr Sarah Gatley from Cardiff, for the paper ‘Requirements, in terms of root canal treatment, of undergraduates in the European Union: an audit of teaching practice’, which was published in the British Dental Journal

Second place: Dr Vishal Aggarwal for his paper ‘Unexplained toothache: an evidence-based approach to diagnosis and management’, which was published in Primary Dental Care.


First place: Dr Rupert Austin, from the Dental Institute, for his contribution to the paper The effect of increasing sodium fluoride concentrations on erosion and attrition of enamel and dentine in vitro published in the Journal of Dentistry.

Second place:


First place: Laura Hatton, for the three-part article The truth from the trenches published in Dental Tribune in 2011. Her exploration of the role of the noteworthy dentist Sir Harry Baldwin during World War One was meticulously researched and the judges were also impressed by her vivid account of the horrific facial injuries suffered by thousands of soldiers fighting in France.

Second place: Alexander Holden, a foundation dentist at Stag Dental Care in Rotherham, who is a member of the BDA's Young Dentist Committee and a trustee of the Ben Fund. His paper Lost in transition - changes in communication in the leap from dental student to foundation dentist appeared in the British Dental Journal last November. The object was to provoke thought into the changes from dental school into practice and to analyze the different types of communication commonly used.


First place: James Darcey, a Manchester based dentist and Speciality Registrar and Honorary Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, for his article Resorption: part 1. pathology, classification and aetiology, which was published in the BDJ in May 2013.

Second place: Perivale based dentist Amit Rai, for his article Richard III - the final act which was published in the BDJ in April 2013.


First place: Miss Binish Khatoon, a PhD student at the University of Birmingham.

Second place: Dr Mona Nasser, Clinical Lecturer from the University of Portsmouth.


First place: Nikki Patel, for a paper about the salaried service, published in the British Dental Journal.

Second place: Reena Wadia, for two articles with guidance for young dentists on her website.

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